happy 2019!!


happy 2019!!

Version 2

I’m really happy to be starting this new year. I think turning the page to a completely blank one (not the best metaphor in my opinion, but I’ll go with it) feels so refreshing and it’s good to get out of this old year and into the new one. It almost feels like slipping into a bed with freshly cleaned sheets. This is going to be a big year. A stressful year. But hopefully a year that will make me a better person and a happier one as well.

I want to be happy in 2019. That’s probably the main goal of this year. Oh, and to graduate. I guess that’s a good one too.

I mean, it’s definitely very important. Don’t worry, I’m going to graduate, I promise.

confessions of a notebook hoarder

morgan's rambling

I’ve always loved notebooks. I have way too many started, yet never finished, notebooks in my closet, hidden away, awaiting me to find them and laugh, and cringe, at the stupidity of my problems and the strangeness of my ideas.

I buy notebooks from Amazon when I feel like “I really need that,” or “it’s been a rough week, a notebook would be a nice reward,” and I realize this is a major hoarding issue. I am working on it, but for now, with all my experience in notebooking, I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to use your notebooks. I have been trying to get more into writing down what I need to do and what I’m thinking and other things like that.