buffy and sabrina and inspiring generations

morgan's rambling

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This is a bit of a random post, but I really had an urge to write this piece.  And I said I would post twice in a month, so here we are!! I’m excited to share this and I think that’s how I have to go about writing on the blog in the new year, you know, writing pieces that I’m excited about and what I feel inspired to write about. At some point, I’ll probably write a post about struggling with writing and my wishes for my future and all that, but I wanted to write a little fun piece about my favorite tv shows and how feminism and the supernatural play significant roles in the lives of these heroines and those who watch them.

As soon as I see a show with a strong female lead and a touch of the supernatural involved, I’m immediately invested. Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been a big part of my college life, and then there’s the new show The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that’s quickly becoming important to me too, as I have been busy with my Netflixing because also, yes, I am still stuck in some sort of sadness. And Netflix binging helps. I think. Anyway, at first, I found Sabrina far more within the horror genre than the kind of silly scares of Buffy, and it is more scary I think, just because Buffy was so 90s and Sabrina is made in a time where graphics and everything can be that much more advanced and terrifying. But at the same time, there are elements that really remind me of Buffy within the show. Both are incredible in their own particular ways.