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monthly to be reads

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I’ve noticed a lot of different book blogs as well as book vlogs talk about their books “to be read” and I love reading and watching those kind of posts/uploads, so I’ve decided to make one myself. I think it will also hold me accountable for reading because I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way, but sometimes it just takes me so long to get into the habit of reading, though it is the thing I love the most, it can be really difficult sometimes.

But this, this will hold me accountable and I’m excited to share it! I’ll also make an update at the end of the month about which ones I’ve actually finished or not and like my favorites, whatever.

But!! I’m going to try and finish them all. I’m really trying to become a better reader and all that and read things I enjoy and am interested in. I need to give myself a little hobby, keep my mind occupied.

So, here is the list of all the books I will finish this month (hopefully!):

on the royal wedding.

morgan's rambling

No, I’m not British. No, the Royal Wedding doesn’t really affect me in any way whatsoever. No, I really shouldn’t care that much about it.

But!! Come on!! I care too much about it.

You almost have to pay attention to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex. They are truly a couple to care about. I know it might be ridiculous and it’s so excessive, but I just really love it.

I woke up early, like 6:45 a.m. because that’s around when the wedding started in America. I was tired and crying as soon as I turned the t.v. on. Just like seeing her car drive by as she was about to get married made me super emotional. Writing about it now, is making me teary. I decided to do a little live-tweeting for all the thousands of people interested in my life (lol jk i have like 65 followers on twitter).


And not just the fact that it was a royal wedding, and I’ve been in love with Prince Harry for years now. I mean years. But it was just so historic. Like here’s a non-royal, biracial, divorced, American woman marrying into this ridiculous, traditional royal family. It is so incredible and makes me really happy to be living in this time and to have witnessed something so magical.




My name is Morgan and I am a 21 year old English major.  I’m an aspiring writer and new blogger. I thought this blog would be a nice way to improve my writing and entertain myself in the process. I tend to have a lot of opinions and I think I will (I definitely will) express those throughout my posts.

A bit more about me is that I love reading, of course, otherwise I don’t think this blog would be in existence under this name. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel of all time right now, but my list is always altering itself.