focusing on self-care in the most stressful times

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Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

So I’m graduating college in less than a month. And yes, I am fully freaking out. Like, I don’t know what I’m doing afterward or what’s happening in the month between and I don’t want to leave my friends or my college town even, which I never thought I would say. It’s very scary and it feels like nothing is going right or making any sense, which I absolutely hate. I know things are going to work out, but right now things are really, seriously scary.

This leads me to why I’m writing this blog post. I’m really obsessed with self-care and the whole idea that focusing on yourself will help to ease some of the stress and pain. I don’t know how much it actually works, and maybe this will seem too much like my sad valentine’s day blog post, but I’m going to write about things that make me feel better when I’m especially stressed out. Like I’m pretty sure these next two weeks are going to be the worst of my life, so I will definitely be engaging in some self-care rituals. But!! I’m going to try and be hopeful about life and use my little self-care routines to really feel that calmness and happiness I’m looking for. And I’ll share it with the blog too.

Of course, face masks are a major part of self-care. I’m pretty sure in 2019 the two words are synonymous. I almost physically cannot walk into a Target without buying at least one face mask, I think it’s just the culture now. It’s like whenever there’s a slight problem in my life, I’m going to do a face mask. I don’t know how well they really work but some are really, really amazing I think. I think the process is something that adds to the self-care component because it’s so relaxing.

Some of my faves right now: Elf pore clearing glitter peel-off mask, Yes To: Coconut moisturizing mud mask, and Bliss what a melon night mask.

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Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

I also think cooking and baking is something that can be really therapeutic and lead to some really great self-care moments. I mean, food is always a good choice and the process of making food is something that is really special. Spending time making food and then being able to eat something really delicious is pretty awesome I think. It doesn’t have to be something super difficult to make, you could even use a boxed recipe, just the process and the moments you spend making food is really important.

My roommate made this amazing lemon and blueberry cake the other day because she is also graduating and entirely stressed out. Self-care is so important. And delicious.

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Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

Okay. This one may be difficult for some people, including me, but you need to talk to your friends as much as you can. You all are in this crazy, stressful, terrible journey together and it’s so healthy to talk about your struggles and your successes together. I know a lot of the times it feels like you don’t want your friends to worry about you or whatever but you guys should be there for each other! Play a game together, do face masks, or just talk about fun times, focusing on the good rather than what stresses you all out.

Music is also something that is so important to feel content with yourself in these stressful moments. I really love making playlists for different times of my life and I’ve actually just made a chilling out playlist for my self-care during my scary graduation month time. I needed it.

I’ve written in the past on the blog about journaling and how beneficial I find it. Journaling helps you to clear out your thoughts and really find yourself and I think self-care is all about that. I suggest writing your thoughts out, things you’ve really been struggling with and just need clarification about because I always feel like writing helps you to work through things. You could even write something creative to really distract yourself or just write some lists because those are also always a great deal of fun. And I mean, I love writing so that always somehow relieves some sort of stress for me.

This is definitely not going to work for everyone but the recent film, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again changed my whole life and is absolutely one of my favorite films due to the way it makes me feel. I lose my anxious thoughts and cannot stop smiling as I watch it. I think it’s such a wonderful movie and makes you feel so good, so I suggest watching it as frequently as you need it because it is so important. I know a lot of people probably won’t agree with me, but I love it so much and will defend it until the day I die. The music and the characters and the setting are so stress-relieving for me, I feel like I could watch it daily and feel so much less anxious. I think though if this movie is not the one for you, find a film that makes you feel at ease and play it while you work through things to feel a sense of self-care. Though this movie is the best and you can just fight me if you think I’m wrong.

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

I want to say that self-care is not always the solution for mental health issues and you should really not only rely on these silly methods to find help. Go talk to a doctor or get other professional help. I just really wanted to mention that because I am also all for advocating for not only my insignificant help but for doctors and people who can truly help you. This is all just for fun.

I hope this list brings you some serenity during the craziness that is the end of the year or whatever else you may be going through. Let me know some other methods you have for self-care reasons in the comments! I need all the help I can get, truly. And also, these are things that work for me and may not work for everyone, but I thought I would share my thoughts in case they could help someone.

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