confessions of a notebook hoarder

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I’ve always loved notebooks. I have way too many started, yet never finished, notebooks in my closet, hidden away, awaiting me to find them and laugh, and cringe, at the stupidity of my problems and the strangeness of my ideas.

I buy notebooks from Amazon when I feel like “I really need that,” or “it’s been a rough week, a notebook would be a nice reward,” and I realize this is a major hoarding issue. I am working on it, but for now, with all my experience in notebooking, I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to use your notebooks. I have been trying to get more into writing down what I need to do and what I’m thinking and other things like that.

These are the notebooks I’m actively using right now, they’re pretty and becoming filled with my writings. An important factor, I think, is for your notebook to look nice. And yes, that is a Ryan Gosling notebook.


Now, here are my favorite ways to use notebooks.


Does everyone love lists or is that just me? I think I love the idea of a plan and lists just really emphasize that detail. I love using my notebooks to specify lists of my favorite books or my favorite movies. Lists of my happiest moments. Lists of things that make me sad. Lists really help you get your mind organized and all your thoughts in one particular place. It can be a lot of fun to make lists about future goals too. Also, how many times have I said lists so far? I feel like it’s not even a real word anymore.


This is kind of on the same track as the lists point, but writing your ideas down is another great way to use your notebook. I am constantly thinking of new and strange ideas that feel better to write down. Also, while I’m constantly thinking of these ideas, I’m also constantly forgetting them, so writing them in a journal is a lot of help and can really brighten your mind when you read them again.

The Ryan Gosling notebook is what I use for different ideas, especially right now, for my blog. There are little inspirations from an illustrated Ryan Gosling along the different pages, so it’s a good one when trying to come up with ideas.

a writer’s journal

A writer’s journal is a bit more specific than the first two, and mostly applies to those of us who like to write (fiction or non-fiction, whatever). I guess I’m more of a visual learner, so writing stuff down really helps my thought process, especially when crafting a story. Writer’s journals are also great for keeping ideas that you think would make especially good stories. I also like to sometimes write out part of a story on paper before actually writing it on a laptop. I think that gives you the opportunity to look at your story closer. I really love this use for a notebook, and it kind of combines with the ideas point, but I was assigned to make one in one of my creative writing courses and I learned a lot about how I tend to write and what works really well for me. I think everyone who wants to write in the future, needs to take advantage of this. It also is helpful to carry it around with you, so when inspiration strikes, no matter where it is, you can write it down and then even talk about how you got to that point wherever you were.

The yellow notebook with flowers is my current writer’s notebook and is filled with all my ideas for a future filled with lots and lots of writing.

bullet journaling and daily to dos

Bullet journaling is definitely something that is a bit more difficult to manage if you’re not entirely organized, but it can be done. I like using stickers and colorful pens to really highlight things and make it feel more important and necessary to get done. I like making lists too within the journal, with daily to dos within each week page. I mean, I’m definitely not the best at bullet journaling for some reason, as I always end up messing up and forgetting to write out my week. It is something you have to really commit too and want to do daily. And it truly is worth it, once you really get into the habit of working on it.


I like to keep a record of things I hear people saying or the stupid things my friends say to me. It is good for both inspiration and to look back on and laugh. I’m also just someone who likes listening and people watching, so this is a good way to really use take advantage of this fact. Also, if you are very forgetful, like myself, writing down the funny moments of your life will be so beneficial.


And of course, I have to cover diary entries if we’re talking notebooks. Diaries were my life as a young teenager. They are something that I’ve been meaning to get back into since then, but I haven’t in such a long time. It definitely is a goal of mine to get back into documenting my days and how my emotions changed throughout the days. A diary could hold a documentation of mental health, and how all that’s going, which I think would be beneficial for anyone. Maybe I need a new notebook. I’m going to try and stay off Amazon for today! Tomorrow is another story though.

That’s all I have for my favorite uses for notebooks, and the ones that work best for me. Do you have any favorite ways to use notebooks? I love writing on the computer, but there is something so special about taking your time to handwrite your thoughts, so I’d love to know what other people think about notebooks and journaling in general.


Also! I know it’s been a while since I posted. I’m literally the worst. I’m working on it. There will be a lot more posts in the near future, so keep watching.


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