My name is Morgan and I am a 21 year old English major.  I’m an aspiring writer and new blogger. I thought this blog would be a nice way to improve my writing and entertain myself in the process. I tend to have a lot of opinions and I think I will (I definitely will) express those throughout my posts.

A bit more about me is that I love reading, of course, otherwise I don’t think this blog would be in existence under this name. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel of all time right now, but my list is always altering itself.

The name of the blog is really important to me. Jane Austen is my hero and all her characters are really heroines to look up to. I try daily to invoke the spirit of Elizabeth Bennett in all I do, so saying that this is “a modern austen heroine’s blog” just means that I want to both talk about these heroines, but I also want to display some of their best qualities in my modern life. I’ll talk about Jane Austen more as the blog continues, so don’t worry about that, if that’s all you’re here for.

My sense of style is also really important to me. I take a lot of care in trying to make myself appear on the outside identical to how I feel on the inside. I think I’ll be sharing a lot of my fashion and style with the blog, as an additional thing I’d like to talk about.

I love dogs too. I think that is probably the most important thing I can tell you on the blog, honestly. I literally cry every time I see a dog, and my family’s dog, Bear, is my best friend.

I also do kind of cry at everything. Every movie, every movie preview, every t.v. show, and every book I read brings me to tears. I can’t help it, I’m far too sensitive for the world I think.

I love movies. I think everyone probably does, but I felt like I had to share this. Recently, I’ve been more interested in scary or thriller films than anything else and I find other movies far too boring to keep my interest, especially romance films–sometimes I cannot stand to watch any of those, but that might be an entirely different problem all together.

As I said before, I love to write and in the same realm that I can only really watch strange or scary movies, I can only really write in that way too. I like to write stories in worlds that are slightly off or include something of some mystical or fantastical world. I think writing like that is the most fun, as you really get to make things up in that sense and I also just love writing in general to see where the characters lead the story. It’s so fun. I can’t wait to write more about this.

I’m sure you’ll understand more about me as the blog progresses, but this is just a real short overview of me. I think on this blog I’m going to talk a lot about my stories, what I like to read, and other ideas I have about my life and what’s going on in it. It should be pretty exciting. Thanks for reading my rambling for this long.

And now, I’ll sign off as my coffee is ready.

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